META Awards

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Meta Young Scientist Award

Amir Ghasemi
Durham University, United Kingdom


Meta Senior Researcher Award

Anna Tasolamprou
IESL - FORTH, Greece


The Organizers are very proud to announce the Metamaterials 2022 META Young Scientist Award and the Metamaterials 2022 META Senior Researcher Award, sponsored by META.


Selection criteria for both prizes are:

  • A high-quality research work;
  • The ability to explain the research in a concise, clear manner (via private discussions, poster or oral presentation);
  • A research topic that aligns with a major commercial application area;
  • If taken commercially in the future, the probability of the research to have a high impact in the area;
  • In addition for the META Young Scientist Award only, the lead author must be actively pursuing an MSc or PhD.

All papers/posters presented at the conference are eligible. The winners will be announced during the conference closing ceremony and will receive an Award plate, visibility on META's website and a cash prize ($250 for the young scientist award; $500 for the senior researcher award).


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The Organizers wish to acknowledge the financial support provided by ONRG (Office of Naval Research Global).